Installing Slackware 10 on a DL380

# Installing Slackware 10 on a DL380 a.k.a Installing Slackware 10 for Dummies

1. Download Slackware distro from
2. Check if the downloads are not corrupt with md5sum
3. Boot the DL380 with disk1
4. once it boots from the install CD, it will come up with a boot: prompt. type raid.s and press enter to continue
5. Then it will come up with a “keyboard map” prompt. just press enter here.
6. at the “Slackware login:” prompt, login as root (it will not require a password)
7. for a DL380, the logical disk is mounted under /dev/cciss/c0d0
8. type fdisk /dev/cciss/c0d0
9. create swap partition (primary) for 1 GB, as /dev/cciss/c0d0p1
10. create another patition (primary) for the rest of the available space
11. run setup at the command prompt
12. you will be provided with a menu
13. Select Target, and choose /dev/cciss/c0d0p2 as the target parition
14. It will come up with options for Format (or not to). Format the parition with ReiserFS
15. Then it will bring up the “Source Media Selection” option. Choose “Install from a slackware CD/DVD”. It will then “detect” your CD (/dev/hda).
16. at the “Package Series Selection Menu”, just click enter to continue. We need everything
17. at “Select Prompting Mode”, choose full and continue (or just press enter, if you have not mucked around with the options)
18. It will now be showing a futuristic interface about its installation progress
19. at some point (after you have had your coffee/tea, and finished your long pending trip to the loo), it will ask you to pop in the second CD. do what it says.
20. next comes the most important part, the kernel installation.
21. at the “Install Linux Kernel” menu, choose “cdrom use a kernel from the Slackware CD”
22. you will be provided with the list of kernels to choose. Select “/cdrom/kernels/raid.s/bzImage”.
23. at “Make Bootdisk” menu, skip it.
24. “Modem Configuration”, choose no modem. Next ….
25. at “Enable Hotplug Subsystem at Boot?” choose yes.
26. LILO is fsckedup for DL380 on Slackware 10. You will have to manually edit it later
27. So, at “INSTALL LILO” choose simple.
28. at “Configure Lilo to use Frame Buffer Console”, choose standard.
29. at “Optional LILO append=“, just press enter to continue
30. at “select lilo destination” choose MBR
31. it will show you a stupid “LILO Install Error” message. Just press enter to continue
32. at “Mouse Configuration”, select ps2.
33. at “GPM Configuration”, select Yes and press enter to continue
34. at “Configure Network”, select No and press enter to continue. We have better things to do right now.
35. at “Confirm Startup services to run”, select Yes and press enter to continue
36. at “Console Font Configuration”, select no.
37. at “Hardware Clock Set to UTC”, select yes.
38. then, Select the proper timezone.
39. at “Select Default Window Manager for X”, choose the first option (xinitrc.kde). This is your ticket to heaven.
40. Next, set the root password.
41. at the main setup menu, select “EXIT” to return to the command prompt.
42. DO NOT REBOOT. You have some more work to do.
43. at the command prompt, run chroot /mnt.
44. edit /etc/lilo.conf
45. Change “boot=” value to “boot=/dev/cciss/c0d0”
46. Change “root=” value to “root=/dev/cciss/c0d0p2”
47. Save. Yes, Save.
48. run lilo -v to install LILO
49. reboot the system.
50. You are done. go home.

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